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And Now She's Gone!
Published on April 15, 2009 By kingbee In Current Events

tough choice here because it touches on current, politics and, of course, entertainment--all of which suffered a loss last sunday (4/12/2009) with the unexpected and early demise of one marilyn ann briggs who went from soapbox to big screen and then back to soapbox again as marilyn chambers.

once the face of proctor & gambles "ivory snow" she bore more than a passing resemblance to cybil shepard.  she was one of crossover porn's pioneeresses (her debut film was the mitchell brothers' "Behind the Green Door". 

while it would be easy enough to write her off as a performer, after maturing out of that genre, she embarked on a new career: candidate for the vice-presidency in both 2004 (she picked up 964 votes) and 2008 on the personal choice ticket.  if only she'd been able to run directly against cheney, who knows what a better world it mighta been.

then, too quickly, she was gone at age 56.

dunno about golden gates, but if another world exists beyond this one and it has a green door, she now knows what secrets it guards.

on Apr 24, 2009

it's been forever, but this is the first place i looked. so very good to 'see' you, kingbee.

mig xxx

on Apr 30, 2009

Wow, ran for VP--never knew that.