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Published on February 6, 2009 By kingbee In Democrat

in a wild burst of leftist liberal lunacy, california senator barbara boxer really crossed the line today trying to make a corporate tax break part of the proposed stimulus package.   not just any corporate tax break either mind you but a full-on multinational corporate tax break.

who knows if it's true.  i read it in the la times.

even a broke clock is right twice a day so maybe those msm liars at the times don't have a choice in this one.

despite their suspicions boxer was on drugs or having hot flashes, her new colleagues in arms couldn't conceal their glee or admiration as boxer suddenly began lookin hotter to them than alaska governor palin

"Stimulus makes strange bedfellows," said Dan Schnur, director of the Jesse M. Unruh Institute of Politics at USC according to the times' article. according to another source, republican senator orin hatch confided he wished he'd said that himself.

as if anyone needed proof of senators compromising themselves, republican senator larry craig continued trying to sweet talk his colleagues into comparing stimulus packages in the senate washroom..



on Feb 09, 2009

"The measure she was pushing, eagerly sought by California's high-tech industry, would have temporarily cut the tax rate on overseas profits brought back into the country." I guess,it means if you can't beat them, join them.

It's seems incredible, not to mention unpatriotic, for these not too long ago kid techies are now engaged in horrendous subterfuge to keep money out of the states.

on Feb 09, 2009

i'm flatout amazed this went almost unnoticed.   seemed like huge news to me.


It's seems incredible, not to mention unpatriotic, for these not too long ago kid techies are now engaged in horrendous subterfuge to keep money out of the states

not to mention a whole lotta disingenuous to outsource jobs and then whine about paying taxes on overseas profits

boxer is, in some ways, california's version of carl levin

one thing ya gotta give her tho...she sure is graciously civil altho i'm thinking that would soon fall by the wayside if she were to spend a few hours in ju.

"Instead of working together, our friends on the other side come out, one after the other, with the same talking points: 'The Democrats are irresponsible,' " said Boxer

on Feb 11, 2009

simply can't believe so many passed on an opportunity to jump on the batty barbara boxer bandwagon.

last year's election musta traumatized yall way more than i realized.

my condolences

on Feb 12, 2009

What's to fret? When it comes down to it, it's all about the benjamins, regardless of political party. So she failed on the liberal-o-meter, nothing gets liberals more uptight than one of their own doing something outside the agenda, especially in Calibfornia. The rest of the country takes anything coming from there with a grain of salt anyway, since that state is such a wonderful role model for th rest of the country. Maybe the states that are leaning in that direction will think twice after they have to bail them out financially.

Don't worry I'm sure you'll pull Boxer back under your (left) wing when something that would make money for the state (like off-shore drilling) comes up, cause that would be terrible. FYI, I can't speak for everyone, but CA makes it's own pain (over and over) so that's why most here probably can careless, since the folks there keep voting the same special interest @ss kissers into office. CA wake up and fix your own problems.

on Feb 15, 2009

overseas profits brought INTO the country means profits from SELLING overseas and INVESTING in the US.

It does not mean money from outsourcing. Money from outsourcing means profits going OUT of the united states, by selling in the US and then sending money out to foreign lands...

So what she was suggesting would:

1. Benefit the US economy.

2. Create american jobs.

3. Reduce outsourcing.

4. Increase the profit margins of the businesses involved.

5. help promote world peace (internationalization is the ONLY force for world peace... peace is not killing each other, and not killing each other comes from greed. If it pays better to have peace, then we will have peace).

on Feb 15, 2009

oh, and

6. help bring money into the united states, thus helping it eventually pay the national debt.

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